Everything Including the Kitchen Sink: Working With General Contractors

Top Guidelines for Builders to Promote Responsible Timber Sourcing

Over the past few years, timber has become a popular building material for both contractors and homeowners. The reason is that wood is an incredible building material because of its energy efficiency, structural strength, and cost-effectiveness compared to other materials. However, the type of timber you buy for your projects as a new contractor matters a great deal. The reason is that your choice could contribute to adverse environmental issues. Therefore, new contractors must source their timber sustainably. Read More 

All the Advice You Need for Subdivision and Property Development

A subdivision refers to a parcel of land cut out from a larger tract. When you are dealing with hundreds and thousands of acres, it is challenging to picture how you can develop the land. The location of roads, residential and commercial facilities only begins to make sense when you divide the land into portions that can be developed independently. Subdivision also hastens the process of selling land, considering that a good number of buyers may not be able to afford large tracts of land. Read More 

Popular Types of Stairs Used in Homes and Buildings

For most of people, stairs and balustrades need no introduction. They're used almost everywhere, from government buildings to malls and even at home. While stairs provide easy access to top floors, balustrades provide a protective barrier to the edges of floors and steps. Stairs and balustrades have also been used for many years to add an element of style, function, and identity to buildings. It is useful to be acquainted with the different types of stairs that can be installed on your premises so you can add creative flare and functionality whenever you consider putting in place new stairs and balustrades. Read More 

Shopping for Plasterboard? 3 Types You Should Know and Where to Best Use Them

If you are having a remodelling project in your home, chances are you are thinking of installing plasterboard. This material is excellent for use in your walls and ceilings for protection against things such as moisture or even fire. Plasterboards can also be used to provide sound insulation. While all types of plasterboard are usually made from the same material (a plaster of compressed gypsum), treatment methods used are often different. Read More 

How to Keep Your Commercial Exhaust Hood in Good Working Order

Most commercial kitchens are required to have some type of exhaust hood, meaning a special vent above the stovetop that pulls up hot air and pushes it outside the building. This keeps the kitchen cool and can also help to control the risk of fire, as the exhaust hood can deprive a fire of oxygen and cause it to burn out more quickly. Note that a commercial exhaust hood is more than just a vent, as it typically has a fan that pulls air into the hood and also has a filter for keeping out grease and condensation. Read More 

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Everything Including the Kitchen Sink: Working With General Contractors

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